52. LASH SLICES "SOPHIA" /medium/
52. LASH SLICES "SOPHIA" /medium/
52. LASH SLICES "SOPHIA" /medium/
52. LASH SLICES "SOPHIA" /medium/

52. LASH SLICES "SOPHIA" /medium/

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Introducing something completely revolutionary: Lash Slices. 

Giving you more stylistic flexibility than pre-cut, and wider length than trios, the Mari Shten Beauty ‘LASH SLICE’ COLLECTION was created for ultimate customization of your look. You decide if you want to create a full bold lash or just use a few lash slices to enhance the natural look. Different styles of the slices allowed you to create totally personalized and unique look: mix and match different slices to fit your mood!

The clear base makes the slices invisible and super light hair give you the best of both individual and strip lashes. Customize your look with individual lashes look and easy and fast process of applying SLICES that lets you choose the amount of volume.

All our lashes are carefully designed by celebrity makeup artist Mari Shten and hand-crafted with the finest quality cruelty-free and vegan material, to simplify the application process and be the finest and most comfortable lashes you’ll ever wear. 

"SOHIA" LASH SLICES /medium length and density/ 

Sophia Loren’s signature cat eye with full separated lashes have made her a beauty icon for generations. These lash slices will help you to create an unforgettable look: an uplifted big eye with curled and separated full lashes. 

  • Made of synthetic SILK
  • 16 Different style slices
  • Short and long lightweight slices in one package 
  • Customizable lashes
  • 4 slices for a full lash effect
  • 32 slices per box
  • Apply directly to lash line or layer on the strip lash/mix with individual lashes of your choice
  • Reusable with proper care