As Mari Shten was making her stride as a celebrity makeup artist and traveling the world for her clients, she realized she needed to solve her own issue. The traditional “one size fits all” eyelash concept did not work and the perfect natural eyelashes simply did not exist. She spent hours pre-cutting and mixing different eyelash styles to make them look as natural as possible for her clients. None of them looked as good as she’d hoped.

Mari was on a mission to develop the most natural lashes on the market. She designed her own individual eyelashes that anyone could customize to fit their eye flawlessly using the perfect tool for easy application. After working on prototyping eyelash designs, trials and production for nearly a year, LASH LASH was born in 2018. 



LASH LASH is still the only brand that offers the shortest and the most natural individual eyelashes. Our lash collection continues to expand. Professional makeup artists and their celebrity clients all over the world are in LOVE with our products.



We create the products of superior quality and unique designs to help you to express yourself through the most natural and unique eyelash look.



We’ve always believed that artificial eyelashes don’t need to be seen. We always strive for quality. All the eyelashes have been designed and tested by professional makeup artists. 

Our eyelashes are made out of the highest quality 100% Premium Korean PBT Silk. Vegan and cruelty free. Customizable to create any desired look and fit any eye shape and size.

Our tools are well thought out and designed to make the application process easy, fast and seamless. Our packaging is recyclable and shipping materials are eco friendly.