Every bride deserves to look flawless on their wedding day. Weddings, however, aren't just about one day — it's about creating memories and amazing photos that will last fore

How do you make sure your bride looks flawless? There are two main elements to the perfect bridal makeup: flawless skin and bright, happy eyes. What's the key to great eyes? Amazing, natural looking LASHES! 

How do you choose the right lashes for your bride? They have to be lightweight, look natural and last all night. I have a perfect lash for you! 

makeup by Azra Red makeup by Azra Red 

Our lashes are made for the ultimate customization and a natural look. Your bride will look flawless in all her photos. You can choose between 10 hair and 20 hair clusters depending on what suits your bride. The wide range of lengths, from 6-12mm, allows you to make the lashes invisible or very glamourous. Lightweight material feels comfortable on the eye and the small base blends in seamlessly. Mari lashes can last up to 4 days with just regular eyelash glue.

These lashes are camera-ready, made for the red carpet and beauty close ups to look natural but to give that extra pop. Worn by celebrities and fashion icons they will make your bride feel special, luxurious and shine all night! 

The moment doesn’t last forever; but the photos do.


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