Precision is everything! That's why PRO artists are always looking for new cool and elevated ways to make the application clean and effortless.

Yes, we all know how essential q-tips are for each beauty lover. We use them for literally everything from makeup removal to precision techniques. 

BUT! what do you do when your q-tips are way too big for the area you are working on? Or when your eyes are sensitive and lint from the cotton irritates them easily. I have a solution now and can't wait to share this secret weapon with you guys. This tool truly is magical and very different. It definitely changed my life and  will change yours. 



Here's couple reasons to fall in love with our Micro Brushes:

- they are disposable, use as many as you need

- made of lint-free, non-absorbent cotton fiber, they never irritate your eyes 

- can be used anywhere you need precision application or even makeup removal 

- now you can: wipe away bits of makeup in the lash line, eyes, around the lip line; eliminate drips; separate eyelashes; effortlessly remove eyeliner from the bottom and upper  lash line; and so much more!

- each pack  has 100 applicators and comes in sizes:

 EXTRA SMALL 1.2mm tip,  SMALL 2mm tip, or MEDIUM 2.5mm tip

- can be used dry or wet (PRO tip: try with Bioderma cleansing water when using for clean up purposes)


Micro Brushes are the perfect new tool to upgrade your beauty routine and application. 


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  • Anne

    Love this!! Thanks for sharing these, I will order some and I wish you were going to be at Atlanta IMATS!!!

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