Most of you already know that we have 2 different styles of individual lashes. Most of you already have your favorites. But since a lot of people have been asking, we would like to tell you more about the difference between our styles!


- Our lashes are made out of finest synthetic material - SILK, that mimics natural hair but without shine. The material observes the light which makes lashes look perfectly matteon camera and in red carpet flash.

- All our single clusters made with our signature flat basewhat mimics the natural hair growth and blends in seamlessly.

- You get 100 clusters in one box compare to a standard 60 clusters of any other brand.

- They can be used on top and bottom to create absolutely any look you desire.

- Cruelty free & Recyclable packaging


Reasons to use clusters:

Mari Shten Beauty lashes are loved by a lot of professional makeup artists because of ultimate customization for any eye-shape, occasion and taste. You can totally customized your own look. 

The lashes aren’t just short medium and long! They don’t fit everyone in the same way! We offer the most size options on the market - 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm all in one box! 



This is our signature style - light, natural, weightless with invisible base. Each cluster has 10hairs (0.07 thickness) that create very natural full lash effect.

These lashes are perfect for bridal makeup, every day wear and people who don’t like the look of the ‘fake lashes’ no still want to enhance the eye makeup.



is a style made with 20 hairs (thickness 0.07mm) in each cluster. These lashes are natural looking, full and glamorous.

They are perfect for a customized glamorous look and can be layered to create a dramatic effect which is perfect for red carpet, photo shoot or very day wear.

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