Mari Shten beauty is a brand created by a makeup artist for makeup artists. We understand how important it is to have the right tools and products to deliver the best results to your clients. 

A lot of artists love our packaging and that you get all the different sizes of the lashes in one box, but some of you use one size more than the other. That's why we created one size box! Which means you get 100 clusters the same size that allow you to create MANY looks!

It's easy to choose the right size:

MONA and SHE'S EDXTRA are multiple lengths in one box that go between 6mm to 12mm.

MONA 6 - a box of the MONA style but with a single size - 6mm.

SHE'S EXTRA 8 - a box of SHE'S EXTRA style with a single size 8mm and so on.

We would love to know if there is there any other lash styles you wish were available on the market? 


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